Dual Methane/Carbon Monoxide Detector

Dual Domestic Methane Gas/Carbon Monoxide Detector
This gas detector has been designed and built to meet European Standard UNI EN 50194-1 Electrical apparatus for the detection of combustible gases in domestic premises. The built-in processor controls all the functions of the detector making it particularly suitable for domestic use. The device detects both Methane and Carbon Monoxide with a sensitivity threshold of 10% LEL. Carbon Monoxide is detected when it exceeds the maximum concentration or when lower concentrations remain in the environment and could represent a health risk.
Marking and References to Standards
UNI EN 50291/UNI EN 50194-1
Temperatura di funzionamento
da  -10°C a +40°C
Soglia di allarme Gas Esplosivo
10% L.I.E.
Tipologia sensore
catalytic and electrochemical
Segnalazione di allarme
Optics (LED) and acoustics (Buzzer)
Grado di protezione
Alimentazione supportata
230vac 50/60Hz
Tipologia gas rilevato
Methane and Carbon Monoxide
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