Automatic burner control units PFS 778, 748

Automatic burner control units PFS 778, 748
Automatic burner control units in 19″ standard rack for controlling and monitoring gas burners, for intermittent operation, ionisation or UV control, complies with EC Machinery directive.

PFS 778: main gas after safety time or main gas after flame proving period, switchable for continuously controlled burners, single-electrode operation possible,
PFS 748: main gas following flame signal for burners in intermittent operation high/low,
restart, immediate fault lock-out or delayed reaction time for V1 following flame failure, switchable, air valve control possible,
multi-flame control possible,
safety time for start-up:
3, 5 or 10 s,
safety time for V2 operation: 1 s, safety time for V1 operation:
1, 3, 5 or 10 s,
mains voltage: switchable from 220/240 V AC to 110/120 V AC, for earthed or unearthed mains,
controlled by standard 24 V DC signals.
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Automatic burner control units PFS 778, 748
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