Gas Meters

Gas Meters

Boldrin finds the right solutions to the most demanding challenges in the energy sector. We work to offer customers the highest quality solutions. Our wide range of our meters and counters is among the most complete and reliable that the market can offer today. With the group company TAG Srl, our offerings for the fuel gas industry have expanded to include new innovative products and services in the field of gas measurement, regulation and control.

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QA650 Quantometer QA650 Quantometer 2
Turbine quantometers

QA650 Quantometer

Quantometer Qa650 Dn 150 Flanged with flow range 50 ÷ 1000 m3 / h in aluminum
QA400 Quantometer QA400 Quantometer 2
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Turbine quantometers

QA400 Quantometer

Qa400 Dn 150 quantometer with flow rate range 32 ÷ 650 m3 / h in aluminum
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