Solenoid gas valve, gas oil and naphtha

Solenoid gas valve, gas oil and naphtha

The solenoid valve is an interception device that allows the passage of a fluid (liquid or gaseous) through the gap identified by the same valve. Such fluid can 'put in motion, stop, or reverse the motion of an actuator or be used for other purposes.

The simplest solenoid valve is constituted by a mechanical device for opening and closing which is actuated by a solenoid.

The solenoid, traversed by current, attracts a metallic core inside an inner channel, thus causing the mechanical displacement of the element of the occluding device, and therefore the opening or closing of the solenoid valve.

Boldrin specializes in the sale of valves of various types and sizes.

Boldrin solenoid valves are used in various industrial and civil automation, burner, Gas leak detection etc..

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