Water meters with pulse output

Water meters with pulse output



The water meters equipped with pulse emitter device can be linked to tele-reading systems, to plc ,  to m-bus networks (through padpulse  signal converters), to  impulse counters and to all those applications that need an electronic input which indicates the water consumption.water meters can be provided in two versions: complete version for pulse output, or pre-equipped version for pulse output. (on the pre-equipped version could be installed the pulse emitter device later on.


- Reed contacts are contained in a very resistant box in order to avoid false signals caused by humidity or other external factors.  

- High attraction strength among reed contacts is very high. For this reason the possibility of false signals or multiple signals is reduced to minimum.  

- The reed contacts commutation time is a few millisec-onds;  this fact allows to the pulse emitter device to be used for high ˜owrates also.

Anti-tampering device (if required)

The major number of tampering attempts on pulse emitter devices is made using external magnets  with the aim of modifying the correct pulse emitters working. Our pulse emitters can be equipped by a further reed contact, which produces an alarm signal when the external magnet  is approaching the water meter.


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