copy of Low pressure regulator FE 6/7 22mbar


Low pressure regulator FE 7Kg / h 6mc / h P.max 5Bar outlet pressure range 22mbar with min and max block, standard version 2 inputs and 2 outputs without caps

FE is a two-stage self-operated pressure regulator for civil and industrial applications and is suitable for gaseous fluids such as Natural Gas, LPG and non-corrosive gases.

These regulators are designed to be installed directly on utility meters or on risers for civil uses.

They can be installed in any position and in environments or rooms protected from bad weather. The discharge of the internal relief valve can be conveyed to the outside in the case of installations in closed rooms or underground installations.

The regulators are built in accordance with UNI 8827 and Ministerial Decree 04/16/08; for the classification of functional performance, reference is made to the EN 16129 and EN334 standards .

Marking and Normative References Degree of Protection:
CE approval according to EN 88-2 Compliant with Directive 2009/142 / CE (Gas Directive) Compliant with Directive 97/23 / CE (PED Directive) Compliant with Directive 94/9 / EC (ATEX Directive)

Capacity (kg)
Inlet Pressure (Bar)
Outlet Pressure (mBar)
m³ / h
Opso mbar
Connessione ingresso in linea
F 1/2"
Connessione ingresso in verticale
F 1/2"
Connessione uscita in linea
F 1"
Connessione uscita verticale
F 3/4"
Tipologia di Regolatore
Fe 12/10
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