DIVAL 500 BP 40mbar 1 "regulator


Low pressure regulator Dival 500 inlet 0.5 ÷ 5Bar, outlet pressure 40mbar. F1 ”x F1” connections. With relief valve

The DIVAL 500 series pressure regulators are direct-acting regulators with balanced shutter, membrane control and contrast action with spring, suitable for low, medium and high pressures. DIVAL series regulators are supplied from the factory for operation. with only the internal sensing line, both regulator and block valve. The regulator and block are designed for the connection of the external sensing line (by the customer) in relation to the flow rate tables, next page. They are widely used in both civil and industrial installations that use GN or LPG or non-corrosive gases. Thanks to the balanced shutter concept, the following are obtained: • high flow rate coefficient • high regulation precision even at maximum flow rates • closing pressure and pressure zone relatively short closing times • reduced response times • hermetic closure with zero flow requested • type with reaction on opening (fail to open) • possible periodic maintenance without disassembling the body from the pipes • possibility of incorporating the slam-shut valve (only model LA ) even on regulators already installed without any modification of the piping.

F 1 "
F1 "
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Dival 500
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