Dual power gas detector Plus

RV131.10 G

Gas leak detector Plus methane or LPG with dual domestic power

The Gas Seeker Plus detector has been designed and built according to European legislation to check in a versatile way, thanks to the built-in catalytic sensor, the presence of flammable gases such as methane and LPG. The sensor is set to detect a gas concentration of 10% of the LEL while ensuring high selectivity to the interferers normally present in domestic environments which often cause false alarms (cooking vapors, wines, alcohol, detergents, ammonia, etc.) .

A series of technical features makes this detector extremely versatile, reliable, precise and safe. By means of the internal jumper it is possible to choose between the impulse operation of the relay, to connect solenoid valves with manual reset, and continuous operation, to activate automatic solenoid valves or sirens.

Compared to the standard GasSeeker, this detector can provide a 12V pulsed power supply for normally open solenoid valves even without being powered at 12V. Another feature is the ability to manage a backup battery by recharging it when needed. The alarm relay, free from voltage, then allows you to install multiple detectors on a single solenoid valve, guaranteeing control over multiple dangerous environments.

Gas type detected
Operating temperature
from -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Explosive Gas Alarm Threshold
10% LEL
Sensor type
Alarm signaling
Optics (LED) and acoustics (Buzzer)
Degree of protection
Power supported
230vac or 12vdc
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