Gas Hose M / F 1250mm EN14800


Kitchen gas hose M / F 1/2 ”length 1250mm built according to the EN14800 standard

The domestic gas hoses of the GE326 series. they are built according to the European standard EN-14800: 2007 for use in the European Union. The domestic gas hoses according to this European standard are suitable for connecting domestic appliances inside or outside a house, using gas at a pressure of less than 0.5 bar . The inner tube includes an annular corrugated tube in stainless steel in AISI 316L material. An AISI304 stainless steel wire protection braid is provided above the corrugated tube for safety and pressure increase. A transparent fireproof PVC cover covers the upper part and protects the hose from the action of chemical and corrosive agents. All welded end connections are made of stainless steel.

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What does DIN EN 14800 mean?

 The European standard DIN EN 14800: 2007 defines the performance requirements, materials and test methods for safety corrugated metal pipe assemblies for connecting household appliances using gaseous fuels. The corrugated metal pipe assemblies are suitable for connecting domestic appliances inside or outside a residence, which use gas at a pressure of less than 0.5 bar.

Gas pipes used in household appliances intended for use by individual households inside or outside the home throughout Europe. This standard aims to improve the performance of corrugated hoses by defining certain materials for components and testing methods, in order to achieve a rescue operation for natural gas and LPG connections.

Marking and Normative References
Natural gas, manufactured and LPG
F 1/2 "
M 1/2 "
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