copy of Analog gas leak detection central control unit.


4 zone analog gas leak detection central control unit.

This gas detection unit is designed and built to meet European standards to offer the greatest versatility for detecting toxic and/or explosive gases. It can control from 1 to 4 remote sensors as a central control unit showing the gas concentration of each sensor on a LCD. A built-in microprocessor controls the functions and detection, guaranteeing a high level of versatility. This and other technical design features make the central control unit particularly well-suited for domestic and industrial installations as well as small, underground carparks.

Marking and Normative References
UNI EN 50194-1
Operating temperature
da  -10°C a +60°C
Segnalazione di allarme
Optics (LED) and acoustics (Buzzer)
Grado di protezione
Alimentazione supportata
230vac 50/60Hz
analogica 4-20mA
Soglia di allarme gas
Zone di rilevazione
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