With a catalog full of products dedicated to both professionals and the end user, Boldrin Group can, today, to be closer to its customers, providing them with not only a wide and differentiated, but also experience constant updates on technologies related to the field of gas and new energy alternatives, particularly given warehouses, advanced logistics and customer service unparalleled in the industry.

minilogo tag TAG srl is a structure created to design and build cutting-edge systems for control, measurement and gas safety working in the round and comparing with markets such as the Middle East, America, Asia, Africa and Europe and emerging markets increasingly. TAG produces vaporizers for LPG and ammonia, filters PED for combustible gases, equipment and turnkey systems according to the specific needs of the final customer, also distributes in Italy the exclusive trademarks REGO ® ECII and Rochester Gauges, leading companies in the applications of cryogenic gases and in the fitting of special vehicles for the transport of gas as well as the production of technologies for the storage of the same.


minilogo boldrin Making its debut in 2012,  NRG TECH srl was founded as a new reality in the world of electronics applied to leak detection and gas in production and research of new solutions. NRG TECH is proposed as a new frontier for those of us who seeks and loves new and positive challenges. The customer support is not an activity for its own sake, but an active exchange of information, a service based on a solid and diversified know-how: technical assistance, sharing knowledge and technical information with customers and a close partnership with manufacturers; complex problem solving with the help of competent staff; constants and targeted updates to their products - sharing with users of the necessary skills for the use of the products; quality assurance, through the analysis of customer feedback and internal testing of products. 


minilogo boldrin Boldrin designs, manufactures and markets components for adjustment and measurement of natural gas, lpg, bio-gas, ammonia etc. in order to enable and increase safe use. Throughout the delicate phase of research and development, Boldrin relies on highly skilled engineering team divisions TAG & NRG, which analyze and process the individual needs of clients and materialize in high quality products, underpinned by advanced systems design. Boldrin The range consists of reducing / pressure regulators, stabilizers, filters, meters for gas and bio-gas, biogas equipment, solenoid valves, gas leak detectors, pressure switches, equipment Atex from yard and much, much more tailored solutions to meet an increasingly changing and demanding.


minilogo akuatek Akuatek arises from the reduction of waste and water to give due importance to preserve our future and the environment. The offer Akuatek provides a complete range of metering systems, power management, joints, valves and products for thermoregulation.


minilogo climaline 
Climaline offers a range of innovative products for the construction and maintenance of air conditioning and refrigeration systems composed of pressure gauges, vacuum and charging systems, electronic equipment, sealing compounds, sanitizing, fittings etc.


minilogo boldrin  Solarfyxo is a line of products for the solar and photovoltaics: a range of mounting structures certified to offer solutions for all types of coverage. The range also includes the new fall protection (safety lines) required to work at height.


minilogo hw Hobby&Work is dedicated to the world of leisure and the do-it-yourself products includes more running on gas for the world of caravan, camping, hobby, hardware store etc.