Loctite 55 sealant 160mt


Thread sealant - Instant sealing at maximum pressure, easy and reliable

LOCTITE® 55 is formulated for the locking and sealing of metal and plastic fittings and pipes. It must not polymerize and therefore guarantees instant sealing at maximum pressure. the ideal choice for quick, easy and reliable sealing. The product is certified for gas and drinking water according to NSF / ANSI, Standard 61.Loctite 55 sealant for pipe fittings 160 meters long. Multi-fiber nylon sealant for both plastic and metal threads. Typical applications: sealing of threaded components, such as joints and pipe fittings; seals fluids and non, up to a temperature of 150 ° C. Particularly suitable for immediate use of the system and where there is a need for repositioning before use. Certifications: Drinking water up to 85 ° C, hot and cold water, gas. DVGW approved.
multi-fiber nylon
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