Tangit UNI-LOCK 160 MT


Tangit UNI-LOCK pre-coated multi-wire sealant to seal all types of threaded fittings, both plastic and metal.

SG150.56 Tangit UNI-LOCK multi-wire sealant pre-coated with inert paste, ideal for sealing all types of threaded fittings, both in plastic and metal:

PVC, PE, PP, stainless steel, brass, copper, cast iron with diameters up to 4 ''.

It replaces traditionally used products such as hemp and PTFE tapes. For pipes with passage of drinking water and gas (KTW approval, DVGW) , cold / hot water, air.

It guarantees instant sealing and is repositionable.


DVGW n. NV-51 42BP5597 for pipelines with passage of gas and drinking water.

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