G100 Rotary Piston Gas Meter


G100 Rotary Piston Gas Meter, DN 80 Qmax 160m³/h 

RABO CN114.7 rotating piston gas meters stand out for their large measuring ranges and compact dimensions. They guarantee high precision even in the case of low and irregular flow.

Principle of operation

Rotary piston gas meters are volumetric meters for gaseous fluids that work on the principle of moving defined quantities of gas. Thanks to the volumetric measurement, they operate independently from the influences of the installation and are therefore particularly suitable for compact measurement systems with short straight sections of entry. They measure the volume of gas under operating conditions and are approved for tax measures. If required, they can be combined with a volume converter to measure the basic reference conditions.

Measurement process

Two rotating pistons are housed in the casing, or body of the meter, which constitutes the measuring chamber, equipped with a gas inlet and outlet section, the section of which looks like that of an eight (8). They are connected to each other by synchronization gear wheels. When the gas flows, the pistons rotate without contact with each other and supply, at the outlet, a constant and repeatable quantity of gas, defined as a cyclic volume. A complete rotation of the system therefore corresponds to the passage of a certain volume of gas. The rotary movement of the pistons is transmitted to the mechanical totalizer by means of a reduction box and a magnetic joint. The calibration of the measurement error of the rotating piston gas meters is carried out by means of a pair of toothed wheels in the totalizer. Functioning principle of rotating piston gas meters.

Marking and Normative References
Approval: - 2004/22 / EC (MID) - 97/23 / J278EC (J276PED) -94 / 9 / J278EG (ATEX) -2004 / 108 / EG (EMC)
Natural gas, manufactured and LPG
Type of connections
Maximum pressure (Bar)
Type of measurement
Qmin. (m³ / h)
Qmax. (m³ / h)
Pulse emitter
2 low frequency pulse generators (reed contact)
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