G65 gas meter with thermowells


G65 diaphragm gas meter with thermowells, Qmax 100m³/h, DN80 connections

A strategic element of our business

Since its foundation, gas accounting has always been part of our core business for our company. Today hundreds of thousands of users supplied by gas in city networks, condominiums or individual users are supplied through a domestic meter supplied by us. Thousands of industrial users are supplied by the gas distribution companies by measuring the gas with membrane meters supplied by us.

The physical principle that regulates the functioning of the G6 ÷ G100 deformable-walled meters C consists in isolating, during each single measurement, a known volume of gas (measurement volume) in two special containers, whose technical definition is chamber measure. The dimensions of each of these containers coincide with the measurement volume and are exactly equal to a quarter of the cyclic volume; for example, a meter with a maximum flow rate Q max of 6 m3 / h, having a cyclic volume equal to the minimum allowed (2 dm³) has the volume of each chamber equal to 0.5 dm³. The measurement consists both in the continuous repetition of the operations of filling and emptying the gas from the chambers, and in taking into account the number of times this cyclical operation is performed.


MID approval (2004/22 / CE) according to B + D modules and complies with UNI EN 1359: 2006 standards and OIML recommendations. Membranes in synthetic fabric. Epoxy painting catalyzed in the oven. BF / reed pulse emitter (on request).

Marking and References to Standards for Degree of Protection
MID (2004/22/EC) approved in accordance with modules B+D, in compliance with Standard UNI EN 1359:2006 and R11 OIML recommendations.
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Natural gas, manufactured gas and LPG
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