G1600 Turbine Fiscal Meter


MID SMRI-X MID turbine gas meter G1600 1:20 flanged cast iron body Ansi 150 Dn 200 LF + HF [AF1] + 1T 1PP

The CN114.8 meters of the SMRI-X series is particularly suitable for its high measurement accuracy, stability over time and its compact design. Sample counter for test plants due to the high precision and reproducibility, the SMRI-X turbines are particularly suitable for use as a sample counter.

Operating principle The gas entering the meter is channeled by a flow rectifier and causes the rotation of an impeller whose speed is proportional to the volume of gas passing through the meter. The gas inlet channel is designed to minimize potential gas flow disturbances such as eddies, asymmetrical flows, etc. Since the gas flow is accelerated inside the turbine meter, the measurement accuracy reaches high levels even at low flow rates. The flow inside the meter is axial and the impeller is keyed on a shaft which rests on sturdy bearings. The movement of the impeller is transmitted, through a magnetic coupling and a series of gears, to the 8-digit mechanical totalizer located in the non-pressurized head of the meter. Similarly to the inlet, the gas outlet duct is also designed to create optimal conditions for the flow. With Honeywell's patented Measurement Cartridge system, you can save time by replacing the measurement unit in the field. The measuring cartridge is supported by an O-ring, is free from tension because it is separated from the case and is not affected by environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations.


SMRI-X meters are manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:

2000 (DIN EN ISO 14001). They are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with the following guidelines, standards and references:

- EC Directive 71/318 / EC or Directive 2004/22 / EC (MID)

- Directive 97/23 / EC relating to pressure equipment (PED)

- Directive 94/9 / EC on explosion protection (ATEX)

- European standards applied (and others EN 12261)

All meters produced are tested by PTB approved official test rigs. Test certificates according to PED requirements are available for pressure and resistance tests.


Depending on the pressure, the case is constructed of ductile iron, steel or welded steel. The meters meet the strictest safety standards and are fireproof (HTB). To achieve the highest measurement accuracy, the impeller is made of aluminum.

Marking and Normative References
EC Directive 71/318 / EC or Directive 2004/22 / EC (MID) - Directive 97/23 / EC relating to pressure equipment (PED) - Directive 94/9 / EC on explosion protection (ATEX)
Natural gas, manufactured and LPG
Type of connections
Flanged ANSI 150
DN 200
Type of measurement
Qmin. (m³ / h)
Qmax. (m³ / h)
Pulse emitter
1 low frequency pulse generator (reed contact) + 1 high frequency
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