For the hydraulic sector, Loctite ® offers the ideal solution to many problems with a product well known, unique and innovative: Loctite ® 55. It is a multi-fiber nylon sealing pipe thread sealant and is the first in Italy to have obtained the IMQ-UNICIG. Loctite ® 55 seals threaded fittings of different materials, from plastic to metal. E 'approved for drinking water hot or cold and for all types of gas for heating. Easy to use, economical and safe is the sealant for plumbing the future.

Among the advantages of product recognized, from today Loctite ® 55 has been certified by the BAM for sealing gaseous oxygen up to 60 ° C and 20 Bar Thanks to this characteristic, in fact, the sealant of Henkel is a new application in all those areas that require the presence of oxygen, such as in hospitals, where it is not possible to use a conventional anaerobic.

Loctite ® 55 is designed mainly to plumbing and maintenance, but its practicality is small enough to be safely used by anyone with a modicum of skill. It 'a highly innovative product, which is a perfect substitute for hemp and Teflon, with significant advantages: it is safe as approved and certified to the most stringent European standards, is repositionable, does not need a lot of experience to use and takes up little space .

Loctite ® 55 provides instant seal, is resistant to corrosion, vibration and temperature variations.

In addition, Loctite ® 55 does not withdraw, does not drip and does not obstruct other parts of the circuit because it does not fray, disassembly is easy and can be run using standard tools.

Loctite ® 55 combines safety and efficacy in a single direct line.