1 12V N.C. solenoid valve M.R. 500mbar

EV131.40 12

Normally closed, manual reset, 500 mbar 12VDC gas solenoid valve with DN200 flange

This is a shut-off solenoid valve for non-aggressive gases in the 3 gas families (dry gases). This solenoid valve is designed to guarantee gas shut-off both with a hazard signal sent by gas detectors (methane, LPG, carbon monoxide and others) or safety thermostats, as well as in the case of a black out. Providing the greatest safety, this solenoid valve can only be reset when mains voltage is supplied when the gas detector is no longer sending a hazard signal. If the coil is excited the valve won’t open. The reset mechanism must be reset by hand.

Marking and References to Standards
Approval EN161, Gas Directive 2009/142/EC, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (ex 2004/108/EC), LVD 2014/35/EU
pressure die-cast aluminium body
Max pressure
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