1/2" 24V N.C. solenoid valve M.R. 6bar

EV136.30 24

Normally closed, manual reset, 6 bar 24VDC gas solenoid valve with 1/2" thread

This is a shut-off solenoid valve for non-aggressive gases in the 3 gas families (dry gases). This solenoid valve is designed to guarantee gas shut-off both with a hazard signal sent by gas detectors (methane, LPG, carbon monoxide and others) or safety thermostats, as well as in the case of a black out. Providing the greatest safety, this solenoid valve can only be reset when mains voltage is supplied when the gas detector is no longer sending a hazard signal. If the coil is excited the valve won’t open. The reset mechanism must be reset by hand.

Marking and References to Standards for Degree of Protection
Approval EN161, Gas Directive 2009/142/EC, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU (ex 2004/108/EC), LVD 2014/35/EU
pressure die-cast aluminium body
F 1/2"
F 1/2"
Pressione massima (Bar)
Tensione elettrica
24 vdc
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