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The SISMA BUILDINGS® System is specifically designed for use in hospitals, school buildings, skyscrapers and craft / industrial buildings. The Sisma Buildings system consists of a control unit, three seismic sensors and a flammable and toxic gas leak detector.

Calibrated seismic sensor according to ASCE 2516 standard

Gas leak detector built according to UNI EN 50194-1

The SISMA BUILDINGS® System is specifically designed for use in hospitals, schools, condominiums, skyscrapers and artisan / industrial buildings as well as having an excellent quality-price ratio, they are particularly suitable for solving common problems interested in multiple users (e.g. set of apartments or ensembles) of multiple distribution channels of different fluids such as gas, water, chemicals or electricity) resolving with a single expense (in the specific case of condominiums or industrial complexes) distributed among all tenants or owners, not underestimating the importance of combinations with more different types of equipment.

The SCP control unit is able to detect telluric events or gas leaks. The three remote SISMALOCK® sensors connected to inputs 1, 2 and 3 detect the presence of a seismic event and with a standard 4 ÷ 20 mA signal proportional to its energy send it to the control unit.

 The control unit then activates its relays based on the configuration chosen to activate audible warning devices, solenoid valves, electric fans, or other devices designed to warn personnel on site and resolve any gas or water leakage due to damage to the pipes.

Of the three seismic sensors connected, at least two must give an alarm signal in order to be able to make the blocking devices (actuators, solenoid valves, electric motors etc.) connected to it intervene. Input number 4 is used for the detection of dangerous gases.



The device has a triaxial accelerometer (MEMS technology, Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems). The seismic sensor has been tested successfully by CESI of Seriate (Bergamo - Italy) on a triaxial vibrating platform according to: ASCE 25-16 (USA) - TS12884 (Turkey).

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