Diaphragm gas meters type G10/G16

 With the versions BK-G10T and BK-G16T a bi-metal element in the gearing system compensates the influence of the gas temperature regarding accuracy. BK-G10 and BK-G16 are compact commercial diaphragm gas meters which have been designed to meet the highest demand with regard to accuracy of measurement and safety. They incorporate both innovative features and Elster’s gas measurement know-how of many decades. Compact commercial diaphragm gas meters BK-G10 and BK-G16 are supplied with a folded sheet steel housing with either two pipe or co axial connections. The measuring unit of BK-G10 and BK-G16 works to the proven and state-of-the-art principle of pneumatically stopped diaphragms. This ensures low bearing loads and quiet operation. Together with the dimensionally stable synthetic diaphragm this principle allows the use of a mechanical compensation element in order to correct the measured volume to the given billing temperature for facturation purposes (in preparation). The proven and patented K-system and the use of high grade materials ensure a high quality standard and a long service life. Due to the small slides, BK-G10 and BK-G16 are stable in registration at Qmin and the meters are not susceptible to contamination or change of friction (RPF of 0,65 to BS4161). The measuring unit is adjusted by a patented needle-and-scale system.