Compact heat meter type DN 3/4"" - 1""

HYDRO-CAL energy meter has been engineered with a new turbine rounds systems without using any magnet, so the meters can not be tampered 100%. At every turbine round a changement in the electrical resistance happens, and a micro-processor is turning that in a flow value. Model HYDRO-CAL has been engineered for a double purpose: to satisfy the simplest needs for heating cost-sharing (basic model), and to satisfy the most modern and sophisticated cost-sharing techniques, by using the optional outputs. The energy meter is suitable either for heating and cooling systems. The usage of extremely up-to-dated technologies allows the meter to be magnetic-proof, thus avoiding any tampering. Its main features are: -high measuring accuracy -compact shape -internal and external optional (M-bus, Radio etc.) -water meter single jet B-H B-V class, (optional C-H class) -Platinum sensors for extremely high accuracy -Battery lasting 10 years