Pulse to M-BUS converter

PADPULS M2 can be used to CONNECT 1 or 2 meters with pulse output to a M-BUS network. Any type of meter with pulse output can be used with PADPULS M2. Both pulse inputs adapt to any kind of meter with a pulse output. As soon as you connect PADPULS M2 to the M-BUS network, it will assign a secondary address in the M-BUS network TO EACH PULSE OUTPUT Using a MBUS MASTER and the MBCONFIG SOFTWARE (software supplied on request, FREE OF CHARGE) you CAN customize the following data: •Modify the primary address for the MBUS network •Modify the measuring unit for the pulse input (kWh, m3, L, ...) •Modify the pulse input rate •Modify the date •Assign a double registration date •Manage the tariff mode To customize the tariff mode you must CONNECT the pulse signal from the meter TO THE FIRST INPUT and a switch signal TO THE SECOND INPUT; by modifying the switch status you will change the tariff applied on the pulse signal. PADPULS M2 is SUITABLE for connecting 2 water meters with pulse output and 1 heat meter with M-BUS output. In this way you can centralize all the consumption data BY using the M-BUS network.