Differential thermostat for solar pannel

The Solar Control thermostat is an electronic instrument based on AKUATEK's many years of experience in temperature control.This device allows maintaining precise control of the temperature of the solar panels connected to the boiler’s sanitary hot water.

It detects the boiler water temperature through the 3 provided sensors and compares it with the solar panels fluid.

When the panels temperature is higher than the boiler’s water, the control unit starts the pump allowing thermal exchange between panels and boiler.

Its second main function is to use a supplementary source of heat when the temperature is lower than the set integration temperature.

In order to ensure a perfect thermal exchange, the device is fitted with a “delta T” temperature differential that varies from 1 to 9°C, and can be regulated using the knob on the thermostat front panel.

Thanks to the 3-module Omega-type format, you can build several systems exploiting the modularity of the DIN rail in the previously set electrical panels.