ACoS 004 - mobile boiler


Thermal electric unit adjustable from 1 up to 9 Kw. Production of ready to use water at low and at high temperature. Complete with circulation pump, limit probes LT-HT water, management panel with electronic card and LCD display, safety valve, pressure gauge and thermometer, stainless steel resistance corrosion resistant, taps loading and unloading fluid, ball alves of interception at the input and output, automatic vent valve, expansion vessel. The unit comes fully assembled and wired, and tested both hydraulically and electrically.


- Testing hot thermal plants

- Greenhouses or prefabricated environments heating

- Temporary/emergency heating

- Heating and drying of parts of buildings

- Screed drying in underfloor heating sytems

Basic functions

- PIN code protection machine

- Heating and hot water high and low temperature

- Adjustable power: electric steps from 1 up to 9 kw.

- Adjusting operating times