Germ-Oxill Foam Sanitizer


Germ-Oxill 150ml Hygenizing Foam Can

Finally a product intended for those who work in the office, in the canteen, in doctors' offices, laboratories and in any case in contact with other people. From today you can work in a healthy environment, without flu bacteria, viruses, fungi, bacteria, without the smell of smoke

The simplest way to disinfect rooms in minutes! Ideal for eliminating bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi from environments, air conditioning systems, upholstery, sofas and curtains.

GERM-OXILL Foam disinfectant neutralizes unpleasant odors caused by microorganisms, acting specifically on the responsible substrates and immediately refreshing the rooms.

Safe and easy to use, GERM-OXILL foams , sterilizes and deodorizes, guaranteeing total disinfection and reducing the risk of infections and allergies. Its pleasant scent of menthol and eucalyptol leaves a feeling of cleanliness that lasts for many days.

GERM-OXILL Schiuma has obtained the certification of Medical Surgical Device nr. 13231 by the Ministry of Health.

150 ml
Marking and References
Medical Surgical Unit n. 19 421 Ministry of Health
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