QA650 Quantometer


Quantometer Qa650 Dn 150 Flanged with flow range 50 ÷ 1000 m3 / h in aluminum

Honeywell Cn114.3 series quantometers are very safe gas measuring instruments for the wide range of ranges and for the different needs of companies. The QA and QAe quantometers work on the turbine principle.

The rotation of the impeller is proportional to the volume of gas flowed and is recorded (Vb / m) by means of a mechanical (QA) or electronic (QAe) numerator. Self-lubricating bearings ensure perfect maintenance-free operation of the quantometer. The proven measurement principle combined with the high quality of the materials used, ensure compliance with the highest industrial needs. In production and heating processes, quantometers allow precise control and optimization of energy. The QA quantometers are equipped with a 7-position mechanical numerator which records the quantity of gas Vb in mc / h. QAe quantometers are equipped with electronic numerator.

In addition to recording the total volume (mc / h), the QAe allows the display of the instantaneous flow rate (Qb / mc / h) and the volume on a set date. The user can therefore easily calculate the production costs.


Quantometers are installed very easily as they can be mounted in any position (horizontal, vertical). The direction of flow is indicated on the meter body with an arrow.

Application fields:

 Chemical, food, petrochemical, district heating, energy production.

Main features:

Compact gas meter

Sizes: QA / e 10 - QA / e 1000

Flow rates: 1.6 - 1600 mc / h

Nominal diameters DN25 - DN150

Enclosure execution: Aluminum

Protection class QA: IP52

Protection class QAe: IP44

DVGW approval

Natural gas, manufactured and LPG
Type of connections
Sandwich (between flanges)
Maximum pressure (Bar)
Type of measurement
Non fiscal
Qmin. (m³ / h)
Qmax. (m³ / h)
Pulse emitter
1 low frequency (LF) + 1 medium frequency (MF)
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