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ANALYSIS OF THE EQUIPMENTS FOR THE FIELD OF THE CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL CONDITIONING AND THE REFRIGERATION: With the encrease of new refrigerators and mixtures, in particular way in the field of the conditioning and the refrigeration, the problem list that have to face the operators in charge to the assemblageand the assistance of the systems are difficult more and more.

Our society is activated therefore in to renew its own range of equipments to run into the new necessities of the operators.

The range of the refrigerators currently in use they are the followings: R22 - R134A - R404 - R407C - R410A

For how much it concerns R410A the exercise pressure of this refrigerator whose composition is: 50% of R32 and 50% R125 is very high and more exactly in around 50 Bar in high pressure, this has determined the elimination of the classical cylinder of refrigerant stocking because was not able to bear this pressure.

Inside this session, you can find a consistent range of products suitable to the installers and the users of refrigerant gas installations.

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