Opso Dn20 block valve P. max 1bar


Opso block valve Dn20 P. max 1bar intervention range 30 ÷ 450mbar

The maximum pressure block valves (OPSO) have the function of blocking the gas flow upstream, putting the entire system in safety.

The valve closes automatically when the set pressure value exceeds the set pressure of the block due to accidental causes.

The valve can only be opened manually and must only be done after having ascertained and eliminated the problem that caused it to close.

In accordance with:

  • PED Directive 2014/68 / EU
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU - II 2G - II 2D
Type of connections
Max pressure
Inches DN
3/4 - DN 20
Range Opso
30÷450 mbar
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