Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip Series

Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip Series

Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip Series, the world's most popular portable multigas detector, ensures long life and reliability, as well as small size, low cost and ease of use.

Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip X3 handheld detector with small dimensions, ease of use, reliable operation, low cost protection. With this combination of benefits, it is no surprise that Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip Series is the most popular multigas detector in the world.

This model offers an all-new O2 sensor that extends global service life to 5 years, along with all the other benefits of your staff's favorite four-gas detector, to ensure the best combination of reliability, cost of ownership and ease of use.

Features of Honeywell BW ™ MicroClip Series:

·         Control up to four gases simultaneously including O2, H2S, CO and combustibles

·         Battery life of 18 hours at normal temperature; 12 hours guaranteed at low temperatures for the entire warranty period.

·         New IP68 certification for unparalleled waterproofing that ensures staff can function in the most extreme conditions.

·         IntelliFlash ™ flashing green light for instant visual confirmation

·         Reflex ™ technology ensures sensor responsiveness to ensure staff safety, uptime and peace of mind.

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