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The SISMA FACTORY® System is particularly suitable for applications in industrial plants considered sensitive or RIR (significant accident risk) such as: chemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, storage of toxic or flammable gases or fluids, inserted in contexts of SEVESO and SIL 3 regulations.

SISMA FACTORY® in the basic configuration with 1 FF2 control unit + 3 SISMALOCK EVO® sensors.

The SISMA FACTORY® System (in the basic configuration with 1 FF2 control unit + 3 SISMALOCK EVO® seismic sensors with the option of being able to apply a maximum of 7 other sensors of various kinds. It is specifically designed for industrial use given the particularity that the distinguishes it from the other models (double MEMS accelerometer and all the redundant technological part inside, applicable to addressed protocols or ModBus etc.). It is particularly suitable for applications of plants considered sensitive, gas storage, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, mechanical , to ensure that unwanted states (such as blockage of energy, industrial processes considered sophisticated and delicate in shutdown procedures etc.) do not arise due to its activation, with the awareness that a certain action will not cause further damage with a correct and more targeted analysis of issues that could call into question the safety and security of people, the environment and things.

The three connected SISMALOCK EVO® sensors are able to detect seismic / telluric events and communicate it to the FF2 control unit

By detecting the event, the control unit activates its relays according to the configuration chosen to activate acoustic warning devices, solenoid valves, electro-aspirators, or other devices designed to warn personnel on site, signaling any structural deficiency, gas or water leak due damage to the pipes.


The FF2® is a wall-mounted control panel based on multiple high-performance processors. The control unit can be configured to meet the most particular needs (applications of seismic, structural sensors and gas leak detection). The following parameters can be modified using the menus accessible from the touch screen display. - Number of connectable sensors (min. 3 to max 10) - Seismic activation level - Enabling of background noise recording - Alarm relay memorization The FF2® is equipped with terminal blocks dedicated to: - Fault, alarm 1, alarm 2, alarm 3- Two auxiliary alarm output signals (BMS, fire control panel, telephone dialer etc.) - Digital signal from sensors - Input for external alarms (e.g. fire control panel, buttons etc.).


The device has 2 triaxial accelerometers (MEMS technology, Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems), uses redundant components for greater safety in detection and allows the sending of data relating to the event or earthquake by means of a signal to the control unit with the standard 4 ÷ 20 mA or a signal on the RS485 bus. An input for remote (manual or automatic) activation completes the technical panel. The earthquake lock evo sensors can be calibrated with acceleration parameters relating to the installation site, and to current regulations and guidelines. INGV (ITALY), ASCE 25-16 (USA) - TS12884 (Turkey).

The seismic sensor has been successfully tested by the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (ICEA) University of Padua on a triaxial vibrating platform according to: ASCE 25-16 (USA) - TS12884 (Turkey).

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